Meet the Team


Mindi Eldredge, President


  • Wife and mother of three children
  • Follower of Jesus
  • Homeschool mama
  • Former public school educator
  • Published author (homeschool math and science curricula)
  • Speaker
  • Lover of nature, big hugs, and playing games with the family







Kathleen Bitter, Vice President


  • Wife and mother of six beautiful children
  • Curriculum designer
  • Lover of soul soothing music
  • Nature enthusiast (especially beautiful sunrises and sunsets)
  • Devotee of family time and quiet afternoons spent reading a book












Katie Powell, Vice President


  • Wife and mother of four boys & two girls
  • Passionate about all things faith, family, and freedom
  • Veteran Homeschool mom of 8 years
  • Loves to sew, bake, write, research, and create
  • Always learning about how to be more self-sufficient








Kristel Fox, Art Director & Print Manager


  • Mother to four spunky kiddos and one crazy pup
  • Wife to an amazingly supportive husband
  • Lover of all things creative
  • Animal and nature lover
  • Quirky but quiet
  • Believer of Christ
  • Positivity guru - The glass is always half full!
  • Singer of silly songs just because
  • Don’t steal my tacos!




Ann Muldowney, Managing Editor


  • Wife and mother of seven children 
  • Homeschooler
  • Former public school and college educator
  • French speaker
  • Home cook
  • Nature lover







Beth Baty, Writer and Copy Editor


  • Wife and mother of one precious little boy, with hopes to continue growing her family in the near future
  • Texas girl through and through
  • Current UVU student majoring in English writing studies
  • Lover of all things English, writing, and reading related
  • Published speaker and writer
  • Former public school substitute
  • Editor
  • Future public high school teacher 



    Tresa Fowler, Researcher & Proofreader


    •  Dedicated to Christ
    • Wife to a truly amazing man
    • Mom to four incredible children
    • American History enthusiast, supporter of the Constitution
    • Quilter, Crocheter, Baker, Soaper, and Reader
    • Family vacations, Independence Day, mornings in the mountains, peach cobbler and pink peonies make me happy.





    Jessica Lewis, Writer


    •  Disciple of Jesus Christ
    • Wife and mother of five children
    • Homeschooling veteran
    • Blessed mom of a child with Down Syndrome
    • Speaker
    • Mentor
    • Author
    • Lover of families, babies, history, America, healthy things, and learning



    Cheryl Karr, Media Developer & Copywriter   


    • Wife and mother
    • Believer in Christ
    • Former BYU, UVU & SLCC educator
    • Emmy® winner
    • Horse riding girl
    • Lifetime world traveler & learner







    Kelsey Dean, Writer & Project Manager



    • Kind and quirky friend, wife to a talented Southern gentleman, and mama of three darlings
    • B.S. in Home Economics Education from BYU, summa cum laude, valedictorian
    • Homeschool non-profit board member, mentor, and volunteer
    • Artist, detail-gatherer, editor, liberty-lover, rockhound, stargazer, and violinist
    • Honest seeker of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty








    Featured Artists

    Melissa George, Story Teller


    • Mom of five children, twins first!
    • Neighborhood produce co-op organizer
    • Needle arts ninja
    • Painter, skier, swimmer
    • First-time dog owner
    • Taxi driver for my swim/dance team kids
    • Full-time RV life dreamer 


      Maryanne Martin, Story Teller


      • Homeschool Mama
      • B.S. Musical Theatre
      • Vocal Coach
      • Mentor
      • Public Speaker
      • Recording Artist
      • Audio Narrator
      • Entrepreneur





      Lisa Dzierzon, Illustrator


      • Believer
      • Found her German man (and married him!)
      • Mama to three boys
      • Midwestern country
      • Learning to garden and dreaming of homesteading
      • Beginner crocheter
      • Lover of history, Europe (especially their castles), and plain ol' glazed donuts



        Nada Serafimovic, Illustrator


        • Children`s book illustrator
        • Orthodox Christian
        • Travel inspired micro brand founder
        • YouTuber and digital nomad
        • Published author at SummersIslandPress
        • Altruist
        • Passionate about new side project @illustrationdate with colleagues from Belgrade, Serbia