The Mindful Heart Team

Mindi Eldredge, Lead Curriculum Developer

  • Wife and mother of three children
  • Follower of Jesus
  • Homeschool mama
  • Former public school educator
  • Published author (homeschool math and science curricula)
  • Speaker
  • Lover of nature, big hugs, and playing games with the family

Melissa George, Storyteller, Customer Service and other stuff.  

  • Mom of five children, twins first!
  • Neighborhood produce co-op organizer
  • Needle arts ninja
  • Painter, skier, swimmer
  • First-time dog owner
  • Taxi driver for my swim/dance team kids
  • Full-time RV life dreamer 

Maryanne Martin, Storyteller and Audio Manager

  • Homeschool Mama
  • B.S. Musical Theatre
  • Vocal Coach
  • Mentor
  • Public Speaker
  • Recording Artist
  • Audio Narrator
  • Entrepreneur

Tresa Fowler, Writer

  • Dedicated to Christ
  • Wife to a truly amazing man
  • Mom to four incredible children
  • American History enthusiast, supporter of the Constitution
  • Quilter, Crocheter, Baker, Soaper, and Reader
  • Loves family vacations, Independence Day, mornings in the mountains, peach cobbler and pink peonies.

Kat Tilby, Managing Editor

  • Mother of four energetic kids
  • Former homeschool student now homeschooling her own kids
  • Collector of children’s books
  • Seeker of organization, productivity, and efficiency
  • Lifelong learner

Lisa Dzierzon, Illustrator

  • Believer
  • Found her German man (and married him!)
  • Mama to three boys
  • Midwestern country
  • Learning to garden and dreaming of homesteading
  • Beginner crocheter
  • Lover of history, Europe (especially their castles), and plain ol' glazed donuts

McKenzie Lewis, Lead Designer

  • Mother of 3, soon to be 4
  • Starting 4th year of homeschooling
  • Color code expert (I’m a red/yellow)
  • Introvert
  • Lover of Pickleball, natural remedies, sunshine and water
  • Intrigued by astrology & homeopathy

Gabriela Burgos, Social Media Team

  • Wife and homeschool mom of three
  • Follower of Christ
  • Social Media enthusiast
  • Avid learner of all things
  • Enjoys being creative
  • Speaks English and Spanish; currently learning French

Whitney Teuscher, Marketing and Social Media 

  • Loves Jesus
  • Homeschooling mom who loves her family!
  • Collector of old books

Sheryl Rose, Writer

  • Homeschool mom of 5 kids
  • Loves hiking the foothills of the nearby mountains with her dog
  • She enjoys painting, cooking, reading, writing, and spending time with friends.

Nada Serafimovic

  • Children`s book illustrator
  • Orthodox Christian
  • Travel inspired micro brand founder
  • Youtuber and digital nomad
  • Published author at Summers Island Press
  • Altruist 
  • Passionate about new side project @illustrationdate with colleagues from Belgrade

Ana Robins, Researcher and Investigations Content

    Sara Millward, Writer

    • Wife and mother of four
    • Homeschool mom
    • People person, foot zoner, animal lover
    • Enjoys exploring, cooking, reading, and humanitarian work.