Year 1 Unit 1 Products

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Parent Guide: (Year 1, #1) Glimpses into the Past

Heart & Soul Time

  • Language Arts: Develop language arts skills as you explore Native American culture and history through rich literature, poetry, scripture, audio recordings, videos, note-taking, and more.  History: Learn about the Native American history and cultures in the United States.
  • Art: View art depicting Native Americans, art by Cornelius Krieghoff, and scenes of the time period.
  • Music: Sing hymns and folk songs. Learn about and listen to Native American music and instruments.  
  • Mapping: Map tribal areas of North America

Heart & Mind Time

  • Language Arts: Read and listen to folktales. 
  • History: Explore stories of Native American History.
  • Science: Read creative stories and participate in hands-on activities about geology, rocks and minerals.
  • Math: Explore number sense through stories, activities, and games.
Sample Pages

Level Reference Guide

(use the information listed to gauge with which level your child will be most comfortable)

  • Alpha Level:  developing prereading and writing skills, learning basic 1–10 number sense skills
  • Zeta Level: developing beginning reading and writing skills, learning addition and subtraction facts/regrouping
  • Theta Level: strengthening reading and writing skills, learning multiplication and division facts/multi-digit multiplication/long division 
  • Sigma Level: developing teaching and leadership skills, developing higher level analysis/inference/critical thinking skills, taking Pre-Algebra/Algebra 1
  • Omega Level: strengthening teaching and leadership skills, writing persuasive essays/critical response papers, taking Algebra 2/Geometry+