Addition, Subtraction, and Place Value Manipulatives, Mats, and Cards Set

Product Description

Help your child visualize, understand, and solve both single-, double-, and triple-digit addition and subtraction problems using this Manipulatives, Mats, and Cards Set. And help your child visualize place value through the thousands place.

The set includes the following:

Brick Laying in Progress Place Value Mat

Marble Game Mat

Number Lines (1–10, 1–20) Mat

One Hundred Chart

Sand Ten Frame

Nesting Box Twenty Frame

Seashell Stand Twenty Frame

Sidewalk Chalk Twenty Frame

25 Chipboard Marble Manipulatives

24 Chipboard Egg Manipulatives

24 Chipboard Shell Manipulatiives

Brick Manipulatives: 34 single bricks, 22 ten brick sticks, 3 hundred bricks

Place Value Flashcards: 18 ones, 18 tens, 10 hundreds, 2 thousands

Maximum quantity available reached.

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