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Holiday Collection 

Holiday Collections Currently Available

  • Give Thanks—Thanksgiving Collection
  • Joy to the World—Christmas Collection
  • An Icelandic Christmas Collection
  • Valentine's Day Collection
  • President's Day Collection
  • Saint Patrick's Day Collection
  • Celebrating Easter Collection
  • National Day of Prayer Collection

Future Holiday Collections

Dates listed in parentheses are the estimated release months of the following collections. 

  • Pioneer Day Collection (July 2024)
  • Patriot Day Collection (Sept. 2024)
  • Christmas in Greece (Dec. 2024)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Collection (Jan. 2025)
  • Memorial Day Collection (May 2025)
  • Independence Day Collection (June 2025)
  • Day of the Dead Collection (Oct. 2025)
  • St. Lucia Day Collection (Dec. 2025)
  • President's Day Collection (Feb. 2026)
  • Constitution Day Collection (Sept. 2026)
  • Columbus Day Collection (Oct. 2026)
  • Veteran's Day Collection (Nov. 2026)
  • Christmas in Mexico Collection (Dec. 2026)
Bonus Perk 

Monthly Bonus Perk Schedule

Come Follow Me Copywork is now included here in the "Springtime in the Scriptures," "Summer in the Scriptures," "Fall Time Fun in the Scriptures," and "Winter Wonders in the Scriptures" activity booklets!!

  • January—Exclusive Coupon Code
  • February—Math Game or Activity
  • March—Springtime in the Scriptures (Come Follow Me Activity Booklet for April–May)
  • April—Themed Poetry Activity
  • May—Summer in the Scriptures (Come Follow Me Activity Booklet for June–August)
  • June—Summer Craft, Project, or Activity
  • July—Exclusive Coupon Code
  • August—Fall Time Fun in the Scriptures (Come Follow Me Activity Booklet for September–December)
  • September—Math Game or Activity
  • October—Themed Poetry Activity
  • November—Yearly Fine Art Calendar
  • December—Winter Wonders in the Scriptures (Come Follow Me Activity Booklet for January–March)