Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Christian doctrine does The Mindful Heart adhere to?

Answer: The Mindful Heart follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our resources include quotes from many individuals from a variety of denominations and scripture as found in the King James Version of the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. For more information on the specific beliefs that our resources align with, please see the following Articles of Faith.


Question: What world-view does the Mindful Heart teach about the age of the Earth?

Answer: We learn in the Doctrine and Covenants 77:6 that the earth will live temporally for 7,000 years. We do not know how long Adam lived in the Garden of Eden or if the earth underwent any great changes when Adam left the garden. So this might be the reason that the scientific view of the age of the earth is different from a religious understanding of the age of the earth. There is much we don't know. However, "as Latter-day Saints we do not throw out the Genesis story—as so many secularists have done—nor do we regard scientists’ honest efforts to learn the truth as the work of the Adversary (though the Adversary does, of course, use those views to fulfill his ends). Instead, we would do better to wait patiently with faith in the scriptures until the Lord fulfills his promise to reveal at the beginning of the Millennium, “things which have passed, … things of the earth, by which it was made,” which, we are assured, will still be part of the “hidden things which no man knew” (D&C 101:32–33). Once the truth is known, all conflicts arising from part truths will vanish. In the meantime, scientists (including many Latter-day Saints) may continue to supply us with helpful knowledge about our present, mortal sphere, or even with ideas about how things might have occurred in the past if the processes under consideration really were uniform over the necessary length of time."
(High school age children may be interested in learning more about the age of the earth from this previously listed link.)


Question: Are your products, website, social media accounts, videos, or podcasts created by or approved of by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Answer: While we strive to always keep our products and services in line with the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are not affiliated with nor endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Intellectual Reserve, Inc. Any use of scripture or quotes from church leaders are used following Fair Use laws of the United States of America. Full talks and scriptural accounts are not provided; instead, links, citations, or references are provided so that the individual reading the material can go to the source to read the material in full. The views, opinions, and content provided, expressed or implied, are solely those of The Mindful Heart.


Question: What do I need to purchase for a complete year? Which parts are nonreligious and may be reimbursed by my personalized education program?

Answer: View our Religious Materials List and / or Secular Materials List to see a breakdown of which items contain religious content. Families may choose to use some or all of the recommended products or even add in some of their own books, games, videos, and other media. The Mindful Heart strives to guide you and provide resources that you will be able to use in forming an education that is well suited for your family and for each child.


Question: Which math pack or Mindful Math Level should I choose for my child?

Answer: Below is a breakdown of what is covered in each level and more info on each option.

  • Learning numbers 1–10 (counting, identification)
  • Both options are on the same level. Option #1 is geared to be more hands on. Option #2 is more story based.
  • Learning addition and subtraction
  • Options #1 and #2 are for beginners of addition and subtraction.
  • Options #3 and #4 are for those who have learned addition and subtraction, but need additional practice.
Theta: (choose one according to interest and learning style)
  • Learning multiplication and division
  • Option #1: Multiplication and division instruction + practice through games
  • Option #2: Multiplication and division instruction + practice through games and video
  • Option #3: Multiplication and division instruction + practice through games and music
  • Option #4: (Coming soon!) Logical thinking and problem solving activities for those who have mastered the multiplication and division facts (0–12) + a game to increase number sense of all integers (+ and -)
Other math concepts and skills are taught throughout each unit. 


Question: Where can I find a list of sensitive topics and content used in the Sigma and Omega investigations?

Answer: Although we make every effort to choose sources that are age appropriate for most twelve to fourteen-year-olds (Sigma) or fifteen to eighteen-year-olds (Omega), we also have no desire to whitewash history. Your youth will be asked to read some books that may be difficult for them and may require mentoring from you. Although we have chosen to exclude any that are graphic or vulgar, sensitive youth may need to choose an alternative book at your discretion. A specific list for each investigation can be found here.