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Content Warnings for Projects and Investigations

Although we make every effort to choose sources that are age appropriate for most twelve to fourteen-year-olds (Sigma) or fifteen to eighteen-year-olds (Omega), we also have no desire to whitewash history. Your youth will be asked to read some books that may be difficult for them and may require mentoring from you. Although we have chosen to exclude any that are graphic or vulgar, sensitive youth may need to choose an alternative book at your discretion. Because we at The Mindful Heart want to support you in your divine role as parents, your youth will be asked to write about the things they are learning and discuss them with you. They may need you to ask questions and be extra aware. We hope that the content of these investigations will spark questions from both you and your youth. We feel that this will aid in knitting your family’s hearts together as you deeply discuss the things of greatest importance.