Math Packs

Choose one math pack per child. Children on the same level can share materials, however, for any consumable items each child will need to have their own. Each unit Parent Learning Guide will instruct you when to use the materials. Only one Math Pack is needed for the full year's nine units. 

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Level Reference Guide

(use the information listed to gauge which level your child will be most comfortable at)

  • Alpha Level: developing prereading and writing skills, learning basic 1–10 number sense skills
  • Zeta Level: developing beginning reading and writing skills, learning addition and subtraction facts/regrouping
  • Theta Level: strengthening reading and writing skills, learning multiplication and division facts/multi-digit multiplication/long division 
  • Sigma Level: developing teaching and leadership skills, developing higher level analysis/inference/critical thinking skills, taking Pre-Algebra/Algebra 1
  • Omega Level: strengthening teaching and leadership skills, writing persuasive essays/critical response papers, taking Algebra 2/Geometry+