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Omega Investigation & Co-op Guide: The Land Down Under

The following Investigation is designed for students about 15–17 years in age. The following subjects are covered within this Investigation: 
  • History: The purpose of this Investigation is to understand the history of the aboriginal people of Australia. This Investigation will guide the learner to identify the various world views and religious beliefs of some of the Aboriginal tribes and how those specific beliefs might have developed. Additionally, this Investigation guides the learner in considering the idea of imperialism verses the view that the earth is a living thing and cannot be owned. The learner investigates how this difference of world views may have effected relationships between the Aboriginal peoples and western explorers and colonizers.
  • Science: In the science portion of this Investigation, the learner takes a look at astronomy specifically through the views of the people of Australia. The Investigation also guides the student through many concepts associated with Marine Biology and The Great Barrier Reef. This Investigation guides the learner in identifying their own worldview and also introduces them to understanding the views others.
  • Language Arts: Language Arts skills are developed in this Investigation as youth read, analyze, and respond to living books. Writing skills are developed through writing prompts which encourage youth to find application to their own lives and the world around them. They are also guided in writing a final essay at the end of the Investigation.

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