Poetry Power

Poetry Power—Alphabet Rhymes
Poetry Power—Alphabet Rhymes

Poetry Power—Alphabet Rhymes

In Poetry Power—Alphabet Rhymes, children are introduced to the alphabet through the fun rhythm and rhyme of poetry. Phonemic awareness and other phonological skills are naturally built as children listen to the poetry and participate in the alphabet activities found on each page.
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Poetry Power—Nursery Rhymes
Poetry Power—Nursery Rhymes

Poetry Power—Nursery Rhymes

Sharing nursery rhymes with your child can be such an enjoyable experience for both parent and child. But is enjoyment the only thing that comes from nursery rhymes? No! Nursery rhymes are built through rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration, which are some of the key building blocks in preparing your child to begin reading. So enjoy these nursery rhymes and related activities again and again with your child and know that you are preparing him or her for future success in reading!
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Level Reference Guide

(use the information listed to gauge with which level your child will be most comfortable)

  • Alpha Level: developing prereading and writing skills, learning basic 1–10 number sense skills
  • Zeta Level: developing beginning reading and writing skills, learning addition and subtraction facts/regrouping
  • Theta Level: strengthening reading and writing skills, learning multiplication and division facts/multi-digit multiplication/long division 
  • Sigma Level: developing teaching and leadership skills, developing higher level analysis/inference/critical thinking skills, taking Pre-Algebra/Algebra 1
  • Omega Level: strengthening teaching and leadership skills, writing persuasive essays/critical response papers, taking Algebra 2/Geometry+