Sigma Investigation & Co-op Guide: The Land Down Under

The following Investigation is designed for students about 12–14 years in age. The following subjects are covered within this Investigation: 
  • History: In this Investigation the learner is introduced to some of the difficulties that the aboriginal people of Australia have faced since the settlement of Australia by non-indigenous peoples. The learner is guided in investigating what might have led to these difficulties, identifying what his or her thoughts and feelings are in regards to these difficulties, and how he or she can learn from these specific tragedies of history. 
  • Science: The science portion of this Investigation focuses on marine biology through the context of the Great Barrier Reef. Concepts are taught through the use of video, reading, video labs, and hands-on lab activities. 
  • Language Arts: The learner will explore the importance of heritage and storytelling in the lives of the Aboriginal Australians and in the lives of cultures and families in general. He or she will read some of the Dreamtime beliefs, will define words related to Aboriginal cultures, and will write responses to questions asked. Additionally, the learner will read two books and will participate in a group discussion regarding on of the books. 

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