**Misprint** The Mindful Heart Storybook American History Collection #3

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***The printing on the side binding is skewed.***


"By now Goldilocks had developed a stomachache from all the sweets she had eaten. She grabbed her stomach and ran over to the sitting area. Flopping down on the biggest of the chairs, Goldilocks settled into the billowy cushions. 'Help!' she exclaimed as the oversized chair seemed to swallow her whole. Goldilocks pulled and pulled and finally freed herself from the depths of the bulky chair. 'Too big!' Goldilocks said, panting heavily."

Filled with hilarious twists and turns, children will love the new take on old tales in this treasured story book. With stunning art work,  true stories of bravery, and an exciting view into the plant and animal kingdoms of the world, the Unit 3 Mindful Heart Storybook is one families will enjoy reading over and over again!

The Year 1, Unit 3 Storybook covers the following subjects:
Language Arts: Discover fairy tales and poetry.
History: Read stories about the Revolutionary War.
Science: Classify living organisms.
Math: Practice operations.

92 pages

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