The Mindful Heart Storybook American History Collection #2

Product Description

"But even with their unique quirks and qualities, everyone knew that all the Dinklebergs had a passion and talent for solving puzzles of all kinds, which is why, when a challenge mysteriously showed up on their cramped doorstep in the form of an anonymous letter one morning, they didn’t even pause to question how it got there or who it was from."

Join the Dinklebergs as they seek to solve the mystery of a lifetime! This and fifteen other stories and fables in this Unit 2 story book will bring delight and excitement as you learn about the origin of tangrams, travel through many biomes of the earth, explore the beginnings of America, and see the blessings of hard work and determination.

The Year 1, Unit 2 Story book covers the following subjects:
Language Arts: Discover fables, old and new.
History: Learn stories of pilgrims and colonizers.
Science: Explore biomes, ecosystems and habitats of our world.
Math: Discover elements of geometry.

110 pages, 8.5"x11"

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