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Heart & Mind Time™ | Part 1

Heart & Mind Time™ | Part 1

David A. Bednar described The Mindful Heart’s heart-first goal perfectly when he said, “When I was younger, I thought education meant going to school, taking tests, and getting good grades. But as I grew older, I began to learn the difference between doing well in school and becoming educated. A person can do well on tests and still not be educated. True education is learning how to learn. Once I discovered that lesson, learning became fun.”


Heart & Mind Time ™ is structured in a way that encourages real learning and true education while also allowing parents and children to get the most out of their time together.  This portion of the curriculum will vary depending on what level your child is using. For elementary age children, the focus will be geared towards math, language arts, and science. Middle school and high school students will work independently on projects and investigations (more detailed information will be provided in a future blog post).  

Although some portions of the Heart & Mind Time™ are completed as a family, most of the time the school work is done one-on-one with the parent, or independently as the child is ready. For younger children, learning is very play, story, and hands-on oriented. Children will quickly adapt to the routine as you set it in place. A recommended schedule is included in the parent guide to help you juggle time with one child while the others do independent work or play; but of course, it’s perfectly fine to make use of these resources in a way that best suits your family. If the prescribed schedule isn’t working, feel free to change-it-up to adapt to the specific needs of your children. 


For clarity's sake, our year 1 units have Heart & Soul Time ™ and Heart & Mind Time ™  included together in the Parent Guide. For all other years, Heart & Soul Time ™ will continue to stay within the Parent Guide while Heart & Mind Time ™ will be included in a new component, the Mindful Explorations book. 


Stay tuned for more details about what the Heart & Mind Time ™ entails and how to use it during your homeschool day.

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