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Looking Ahead


I've learned a SO much over the past two years, and had so many awesome experiences! I've met many very talent individuals, and I've experienced such kindness and support from all of you! I've also learned that I need to reel my overly optimistic personality in just slightly—Haha! (The 1200 copies of the Poetry Power books I have on hand are a testament of that!) I've definitely lived and learned so much and I've appreciated all of your support along the way. 


As many of you know, about nine months ago several unfortunate things happened that resulted in a drastic slow down in the development of The Mindful Heart curriculum, stripped us of the funds that we had, and resulted in us having to let our employees and contractors go. As many of you know the few people that we have had working over the past several months are all now completely volunteers and we haven't had the funds to move at a better pace of production.


I never wanted this to be about money, so after the unexpected events occurred, I put all the pdfs online for free. I wanted everyone to have access to the curriculum regardless of their financial situation. I knew this was a huge leap of faith, but I hoped that we would have enough people sign up as patrons that we would have enough to continue to move forward. Unfortunately, we have only had a couple patrons sign up, not enough to move forward effectively. 


I also hoped that once the print-on-demand option was available that sales would pick up a lot more and provide us with the funds we need to move forward. Unfortunately, the exact opposite happened and sales of the physical products nearly stopped. (We had a pretty steady number of orders before during the Celebration Sale, but at that time prices had been reduced so low that we were actually losing money. Many of the products I had lowered the prices below the cost that we paid to print them in hopes to reduce the large inventory we have on of a select number of products.


We've gotten to the point where even with everything being done on a volunteer basis, we aren't bringing in enough money to pay our monthly web and software fees—let alone money for illustrators, editors, etc.


So, rather than having to shut our doors, we are making some adjustments.
We will now offer the following materials for FREE: 
  • PDF SET of the American History Collection 1: Glimpses Into the Past 
  • PDF Cards and MP3 downloads of the Skip Counting Songs
  • Physical copies of the American History Collections 1–3 Learning Guides with the purchase of physical copies of the corresponding Parent Guides and Picture Packs


We will now be charging for the rest of our products, but we strive to keep those prices as low as we are able to. We also now have some possible solutions to increase our production speed. And we have plans to add some additional perks for those who sign up as patrons. We will share more details as we are able to.


Once again, we are all so grateful to all of you who are showing us such wonderful support! Watch for more announcements to come soon! 


Much love, 

Mindi Eldredge and The Mindful Heart Team



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