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Heart & Mind Time ™ | Part 2

Heart & Mind Time ™ | Part 2

Mindful Math

Can math understanding and skills be developed using a heart-first approach? Absolutely! In fact, children learn best through stories, real-life application, hands-on activities, and games.


Our Mindful Math approach has three easy-to-implement elements that support this approach.

  1. Math Stories and Discussion Questions—Each Storybook includes fun and engaging math stories that create opportunities for discussions about math in real life. The stories are written for children ages 4-11 but are often enjoyed by the whole family.
  2. Puzzle and Activity Books—The Puzzle and Activity books help children develop logical thinking skills and provide fun avenues for practicing math facts. With Elementary level books, you choose the level that is right for your child!
  3. Game Kits—Our game kits help children become fluent in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts by playing our fun, interactive math games! The game kits are also organized by developmental level.



Children learn and retain information best when they are taught through stories, activities, real-life observation, exploration, and games. As science is approached in this manner, a child’s love for and understanding of the world around them is supported and strengthened. They will observe science as the fascinating way in which God created our world and allows it to operate. Following the Mindful Heart approach, children’s scientific understanding will gradually grow, line upon line, year after year, and they will be prepared for the content studied at the higher levels. Science is generally covered together two times a week during Heart & Mind Time™.

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