The Mindful Heart Approach

The Mindful Heart Approach

What can you expect to find by following The Mindful Heart approach? 

The Mindful heart guides families in cultivating mindful hearts by approaching education with a heart-based focus. 

So what does a heart-based education look like?

A heart-based education  

  • focuses less on memorized facts and more on having a deep and personal understanding of the information.
  • teaches not what to think but how to think. 
  • invites discovering the arts, exploring nature, and learning through good literature, experiences, games, and hands-on activities.   
  • encourages love and appreciation for Jesus Christ and His gospel. 
  • is never forced.
  • is individually-paced, line-upon-line learning.
  • promotes an atmosphere that develops and nurtures a love of learning.
  • develops the whole person—heart, mind, body, and spirit.
  • is one which leaves the individual inspired to bless the lives of others. 
  • guides families in learning how to learn. 

David A. Bednar described perfectly this last goal of a heart-based education. He said, “When I was younger, I thought education meant going to school, taking tests, and getting good grades. But as I grew older, I began to learn the difference between doing well in school and becoming educated. A person can do well on tests and still not be educated. True education is learning how to learn. Once I discovered that lesson, learning became fun.”

The Mindful Heart Team is working tirelessly on developing resources to guide families in cultivating a heart-based learning atmosphere in the home. Watch for future announcements about our products. 

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Child Reading | heart-centered education
Painting Credit: “A Little Bookworm” by Eduard Swoboda, 1902

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