Get These Mindful Heart Materials for FREE!

Get These Mindful Heart Materials for FREE!

Many states offer tuition-free educational programs that reimburse the cost of nonreligious curriculum and other educational products. These programs are a wonderful resource for homeschooling families! Click here to find out which programs are available in your state.


The Mindful Heart™ learning materials have been created to follow the Christian teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the following materials contain some religious content: 

  • parent guides
  • Heart & Soul learning guides
  • picture packs
  • unit storybooks

There are many supplemental materials and products, however, that are an integral part of our heart-based approach that are nonreligious and are eligible for reimbursement through one of these programs.


Heart & Soul Family Time for Unit 1 uses 

  • Between Earth & Sky by Joseph Bruchac
  • a twelve-month calendar
  • ONE read-aloud book (Choose from the list here.)
    Heart & Mind Family Time uses each of the above pictured books throughout Unit 1. Only 1 copy of each book is needed for the whole family. 

    Heart & Mind Individual Time uses Poetry Power books for each level and a math pack for each child.

    Currently, we have Poetry Power books for Alpha Level learners available with books for Zeta and Theta kids coming soon! In the meantime, we recommend Explode the Code and a variety of engaging copywork books.

    Select one math pack for each child from the options listed on our website. Each level (Alpha, Zeta, and Theta) has several options to choose from. 


    Wasatch Independent Debate League provides online speech and debate classes for Sigma- and Omega-level language arts that are eligible for reimbursement. 


    We recommend Mr. D. Math for Sigma- and Omega-level math classes. It is also eligible for reimbursement.


    We want to make providing a heart-based education for your family as easy and affordable as possible. Participating in one of these personalized educational programs is a great way to get much of what you need to implement the Mindful Heart Method™ for free!

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